Sunday, March 30, 2008

Frustrations with Registerign for GST Number

I've been trying to register for a GST number since late 2007. You'd think it would be easy, but unforunately its least if you go the website route.

I tried registering for my GST number online through the Government of Canada's the end of it I got a blank page with the title of "Summary". Weird. Weeks went by and nobody contacted me (as I was told they would on the site). Finally I called. Guess what? They had *no* record of me in their system. I guess something had messed up.

I went through the process again, and received the same issue: blank summary screen at the end. I emailed their tech support explaining what had happened and that I was concerned that this might not have gone through. I was assured that it had and that someone would contact me.

It's been a few months. No contact. So I'm just going to call them instead and get this sorted out. This has been very shouldn't be this hard.

For what its worth, the application they use is a Java applet, and I was accessing it with Firefox on my some combination of those three is the issue I suppose.


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