Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Year Later and New Adventures!

It’s been a years since I’ve posted here and a lot has happened in my life. I’ve joined a really great company that gives me a lot of freedom to learn and grow in my career, trying new areas of the business that I’ve always wanted to step into. I’ve also become a father to a beautiful little girl, so I’ve added “Daddy” to my list of roles.

But now in 2010 I’m also adding one more title: conference organizer! Really this isn’t a new title for me. I’ve organized code camps and a one-day tech conference through my employer last October. But this is the next logical step: I’m organizing a large technology conference in another city!

I’ll be posting here over the next 6 months talking about the experience, what worked and what didn’t, and even some ramblings on what I think the future holds for conference events and learning opportunities for professionals.

So let’s blow the dust off this feed and settle in for an interesting 6 month ride!