Monday, October 22, 2007

The Importance of Treating Customers Well...and Small Business Liability Insurance

I learned recently that there are some insurance providers (like Wawaneesa) that have products designed for the small business owner. Unfortunately it sounds like there's not alot in the base plan that would cover error and ommission insurance, but the referred broker I spoke with didn't expand on what options were available, nor was he someone that I decided I wanted to provide my business to.

In any service based industry, there's one common outlook that we as service providers must remember: our customer more than likely has no idea how to do what we do, and therefore our job is to help educate them as well as provide them with our services.

Answering questions like "What options are available with the policy?" with "Well, whatever you want" doesn't really help me.

I also asked this broker what was covered under liability. "Let's say you walk into my place...and you screw're covered."

Hmm...ok, so as a software developer if I walk in and there's a dispute about what was supposed to be included in the software, is that covered? "No...I'm not on the hook for that."

Well, then obviously using the term "...and you screw up..." isn't quite clear enough is it?

I'm not going to mention the brokers name here, but let's take this as a lesson: educate the people who are coming to you for help, and don't assume that they understand the service or products you provide...they just know that you're someone that has the knowledge and can help them.


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