Monday, June 25, 2007

Back from Holidays

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was on holidays for a few weeks there.

So everything is pretty much a go now. I'm going to be starting my contract on July 3rd, and I just need to sign the paperwork and forward that in.

I learned something else about the placement company I'm going through: they have a policy to keep 40 hours of work from your first cheque as a security deposit. This is to cover any loses such as if a contractor was to keep equipment, or some other reason...its basically like a safety deposit on an apartment...just not for an apartment, but for a contract.

I'm also still fuzzy on the whole thing of individual insurance and liability. They do provide insurance, but that's more for if a server rack falls on you. I want to know whether they cover liability for error and ommission type stuff.

This is actually pretty important to have. Let's say that you work somewhere with an unscrupulous manager. Maybe a key feature gets missed from the product you're contracted to work on, but it was never communicated to you to fullfill. The manager blames you for the ommission, and for the product failing to meet its launch date. Now what do you do? Unless you've done a thourough job of CYA, you could be hooped and hit with large legal bills to defend yourself.

So I'm waiting to hear back on that, but I should also be looking for it personally regardless I case I wanted to do side contract work as well that was outside of the boundaries of the placement company.

Edit: Found this online article listing companies that provide E&O Insurance


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