Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Interview This Week!

I've got an interview lined up this week for a contract gig. I'm somewhat excited, but at the same time there are some longer contracts that are floating around out there too...but still, for the hourly rate they're offering and it being technology that's right up my alley, I wouldn't mind the shorter term.

I'm also wondering what I should do for a name for the business. Most people I know who are into independent consulting just use their name with a ".com" at the end, or something like that.
i.e. Joe Schmoe Consulting, or JoeSchmoe.com Consulting. My name is...difficult...to do something like that.

I was thinking about coming up with a Donald-Trump-Apprentice type name. Something like

Y'know, some one word thing that sounds as cheesey as Trump's gold plated toilet bowl.


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